Corporate, and Special Event Info:

We have a minimum travel/setup fee of $40.00 per therapist and we charge $90.00 per hour per therapist.

The most popular chair massage time is 40 minutes.

We have a minimum “call-out” time of 2 hours per therapist.
Everything over a 5 hour day requires a 2nd therapist.

Suggestive charges for group of 20 people:

Travel/setup fee per therapist: $40.00
Hourly charge per therapist: $90.00

1 therapist:
15 minute sessions: 5hrs @ $90/hr + $40 (setup fee) = $490.00

2 therapists:
30 minute sessions: (2 therapists) x 5hrs @ $90/hr + $80 (setup fee) = $980.00

We also have an online booking system that we can use for reoccurring events. Employees can reserve their massage time online, allowing them to pick their “preferred available time” without “flooding” a secretary/reservationist with untimely extra work.


Please e-mail your request to: